women campaign

'22 - '23 AW

Basic Waffle Beanie

Basic Waffle Beanie

Basic chunky waffle beanie with turncuff


50% Recycled Polyester/ 50% Acrylic


The women's collection is for everybody who likes feminine knitted accessories brought to life using white, beige, and brown colors.

The job of a good accessory is to enhance and complement your look. A perfect soft scarf hugs you, and a good beanie or headband compliments your appearance. Cozy gloves or mittens keep you warm while fashionable.

You are the one that will make these items great, we bring the design and the warmth, and the rest comes from within.


Comfortable is one of our keywords. That is why we focus on designing various products with a soft teddy or fake fur lining, so that you always feel cozy and comfortable while wearing our products.

Cashmere Blend Beanie

Cashmere Blend Beanie

Super soft high- premium Cashmere blend knitted double layered turncuff beanie. Made with Italian yarns.

90% Extra Fine Merino/ 10% Cashmere