The men's collection is easy-going, functional, and sporty. Not much has really changed and that's fine. This collection is for the modern urban gentlemen.

The new collection has a softer color palette with cool greys and neutrals.

He is aware of his surroundings and his goal is to be better for the environment because he's a sustainably driven guy.

The colors create an overall atmosphere of optimism and comfort. 

The materials are more sustainable and innovative, all for a healthier planet.


Boys collection

This winter we are proud to launch our first kids "the mini me" collection. All adult bestsellers in a scaled-down version. This way the collection also remains cool and wearable for the kids. And how nice is it if your child can now wear the same beanie or scarf as you. All qualities are soft, warm and child friendly.

 A great inspiration for us is the Amsterdam Street style. This style is easy going, self-expressive, comfortable but also bold.

And we love our denim. That's why our accessories are denim related.

But we also think it is important that the overall collection has an international appearance, because everyone should be able to wear Bickley + Mitchell. We are all unique and our strength lies in differences.