comfort, quality and timelessness

what inspires us

Amsterdam has effortless street style, simple and casual coziness, this inspires us and our designs. At the same time, our state of mind influences our collection, just like nature, which is an infinite inspiration to us. We sometimes like to slow down, dreaming of colors and shapes that blend in with nature.

The comfort of our customers is our main focus, which can be seen in the design, lining all of our knitwear with soft, cozy materials. We design beanies, scarves, gloves, mittens, neckwarmers, headbands, slipper socks, hoodies, and other knits. Our chunky knit accessories and our most popular product, slipper socks, will satisfy your comfort needs on a winter day.

Our AW22 collection is filled with calm and neutral colors and warm tones, colors of minerals, and shades of brown, combining a modern approach with sustainable and natural elements. This year's collection represents simplicity and thoughtfulness, reminding and helping the one who wears it to stay grounded and in touch with their roots.

Right from the heart of the city of Amsterdam.


Sandy Remy

We have often been asked the question who Bickley + Mitchell is? We believe they are real friends travelling through the USA on their motorcycle, enjoying life as free spirits on their way to new adventures. The plus sign between the names came later because it literally stands for addition but symbolically stands for anything is possible. Later Amsterdam was also added to the logo because we are very proud of our heritage. This beautiful and inspiring place triggers our creativity every time. The head office and showroom were always located on Prinsengracht street, in the heart of the city centre situated on the canals of Amsterdam.

Naarden, 9 April 1966 – Ibiza, 8 March 2020

“Think big, sky is the limit”



It all started when he was a little boy and travelled through the USA with his mom and met the vast world of vintage fashion. Sandy watched his mom buy original vintage clothing from some of the biggest Hollywood film studios, and she later resold it in Ibiza and the Netherlands. Think of American band jackets, baseball clothing and Aviator jackets. Very popular at that time and they still are nowadays! Thus, it’s not that strange that he started to recreate and sell vintage denim and other customized clothes. By the age of 18, Sandy was running his mother’s vintage shop in Ibiza.

Throughout his life, Sandy had an affinity for Dutch and American fashion and the clothing trade. In the 90’s he imported American brands to the Netherlands and opened various retail companies. During this time, he also started developing accessories such as caps, beanies, belts, and socks because he knew what would sell best next to all the clothes in his stores. Sandy did everything by intuition and always followed his heart. Other retail companies became interested in the accessories Sandy developed. So the “The Caps and Clothing” company was founded in 1995, and it sold various private labelling accessories for well-known fashion brands and clothing companies in the Netherlands and abroad.
Through all those years of private labelling, the desire to create his own brand grew. So, in 2011 the knitted winter accessories brand Bickley + Mitchell Amsterdam was founded.

The brand has been around for 10 years, and it has grown enormously in recent years, not only in sales points in Europe but also in the USA. In 2020, a challenging year with the unexpected passing away of Sandy and the global pandemic, we continue with pride Sandy’s legacy. In 2021 we launched our first kids “mini-me” collection. Which was a big wish of Sandy. He taught us to work hard while also enjoying life. Fortunately, in recent years he has also done that more together with his family living in Ibiza.

His last favorite quote:
“Let your heart be your compass”.

feel + touch

Cashmere is a luxury fiber obtained from the soft, fleecy undergrowth of the Kashmir goat.This material is much more delicate than traditional wool, and it remains smoother and lighter and offers good insulation.

Merino wool comes from a particular breed of sheep, known as the Merino sheep. This breed originated in 12th-century Spain, and its high-quality wool is highly prized. Merino is a soft and durable fiber. It will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable all winter long.

Recycled polyester is a more sustainable alternative to polyester as it uses up to half as much energy to produce and repurposes plastic from landfill. Our production has replaced most of the regular 100% acrylic composition with 50% recycled polyester and 50% acrylic.

Faux fur is made from a knit with a pile thread, woven in a loop, and layer cut. This process creates a pile of fluff that resembles fur hairs. Our various winter accessories that contain Faux fur are made with 100% Polyester.

why we do what we do

Values + priorities

We work closely with a small select number of suppliers from Asia and Europe. Some we have known for quite some years; others have even become friends. This close collaboration has ensured that our accessories are about quality, improved techniques, and sustainability. We find it crucial that our suppliers focus on developing and producing ecologically and ethically responsible products. We believe technology leads to development, innovation, and improvement of people's quality of life, environmental protection, and safety.

" As a company, we actively strive to ensure that our products do not harm us. One of these is sustainability, finding ways to create things with as little impact as possible on the planet. We believe that many little efforts go a long way. We also believe that as a clothing company, we have responsibilities and do absolutely everything to fulfill these. By making timeless designs, we create pieces that can be used by customers or sold by our wholesale customers for a very long time. Our classic design makes our products more sustainable than other trend-oriented brands whose products quickly go out of style and cannot be sold anymore. We want to give something reliable due to the excellent quality, but at the same time stays authentic even after many years. "

The MADE IN SPAIN collection is part of the + LABEL program sourced and developed at our European knitting factories – ensuring transparency in production and making the best use of the local traditions and craftsmanship. Our MADE IN SPAIN collection is made from the finest Italian yarns such as merino wool and cashmere.

We use high-quality Italian yarns with the RWS and CID certifications. RWS is a shortcut from the Responsible Wool Standard and is a certification issued by the Textile Exchange. The certificates guarantee the complete traceability of the wool fibers contained in our yarns, along the entire supply chain, from the farmer to the finished product to the final consumer. On the other hand, the CID certificate, namely Consorzio Italiano Implementazione Detox, promoted by Green Peace in collaboration with the Prato Industrial Union, ensures the total abolition of 11 categories of chemicals harmful to humans and the environment.

We believe a better world starts with you!

animal friendly version of fur

We are working every year on improving our brand and products since we find animal welfare very important. Fortunately, the demand for real fur has been declining for years. Due to the constantly improved techniques of imitation fur and its many advantages, faux fur is becoming increasingly popular.

Our mission is to expand our knitwear as much as possible in more sustainable yarns

sustainability in practice

During the last few years, we have been increasingly focused on sustainability. We have also changed a large number of accessories in quality, such as 100% acrylic, and replaced them with 50% acrylic and 50% recycled polyester, amongst others. Our mission is to expand our knitwear as much as possible in more sustainable yarns while ensuring that our products' quality, comfort, and durability remain.

We can proudly say that as a result of our efforts, from the total of our production this year, 40% of our production is made with recycled composition blends, such as our most popular blend, 50% acrylic, and 50% recycled polyester. Also, this year we have focused on implementing sustainability standards into the packaging materials used for our products. Therefore 50% of our hangtags are made with 100% recycled paper, and 50% of our polybags are made of 100% recycled polyester. We aim to continue and reach higher achievements in sustainable and quality knitwear.

For the pieces of our collection, we use the following recycled blends in yarns:

50% Recycled polyester/ 50 % Acrylic

77% Recycled polyester/ 23 % Acrylic

35% Recycled Polyester/ 35% Polyester/ 20% Acrylic / 10% Nylon

98% Recycled Polyester/ 2% Polyester

60 % Recycled Polyester/ 30% Nylon/ 10 % Wool

20% Recycled Polyester/ 37% Polyester/ 32% Acrylic/ 8% Wool/ 3% Elastane

52% Recycled Polyester/ 38% Acrylic/ 6% Fine Wool/ 4% Elastane

50% Recycled Polyester / 30% Polyester/ 11% Acrylic/ 6% Fine Wool/ 4% Elastane