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'22 - '23 AW

3 Colored Block Stripe Turn Cuff Beanie

3 Colored Block Stripe Turn Cuff Beanie

3 contra colored blocks | stripes beanie with turn cuff

50% Recycled Polyester | 50% Acrylic

SKU 1019-01-12


Men don't tend to overcomplicate things, so why should we? That's why we've selected pieces that can be their obvious choices in our new collection.

Although we know they don't typically like to be too picky regarding clothes and accessories, that doesn't mean they don't appreciate a high-quality, soft beanie or scarf. With a Scandinavian minimalistic approach, the men's collection's design focuses on easy-to-wear pieces. The colors are also in their favor, with nature-inspired shades of brown, earthy tones, deep greys, pastel blues, and greens. As we wanted you to wear our accessories daily, they needed to be suitable for all occasions, from work to outdoor activities or even a casual event.

With these pieces, one can be who one wants to be. He can be sophisticated, he can be silly, he can be sporty, whatever he desires. He gives the character and the knitwear will match that. Did we mention how warm and soft they are? It's time to make that obvious decision and invest in a good accessory at Bickley + Mitchell Amsterdam.


Comfort is vital for a man on the go, and we have you covered. Now, you may ask how to wear a knitted accessory with a sports outfit. Take a good look and get to know these beanies, scarves, and gloves because you can use them for work, going into nature, and a city stroll.

Basic Fine Rib Turn Cuff Beanie

Basic Fine Rib Turn Cuff Beanie

Basic fine rib turn cuff beanie

50% Recycled Polyester | 50% Acrylic

SKU 1007-01-10